Works / 2015

Still the madness 2015 by Liz Walker

Still the madness  2015

Arches paper, rust

h 78 x w 58 x d 7 cm

Wish me well 2015 by Liz Walker

Wish me well  2015

chicken wishbones, cotton thread, found object

h 88 x w 48 x d 28 cm

Out of circulation 2015 by Liz Walker

Out of circulation  2015

recycled books, object, wood


Share the load 2015 by Liz Walker

Share the load  2015

twigs,wire,recycled brass, found object

h 42 x w 78 x d 42 cm

I go out walking SOLD 2015 by Liz Walker

I go out walking SOLD  2015

recycled brass and tin

h 30 x w 30 x d 30 cm

I thought I heard the angels singing SOLD 2015 by Liz Walker

I thought I heard the angels singing SOLD  2015

reclaimed roofing iron, found object, cotton thread, timber

h 65 x w 56 x d 37 cm

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Magpie nest 2015 by Liz Walker

Magpie nest  2015

sticks,wire,native grasses

h 15 x w 45 x d 45 cm

Worry beads 2015 by Liz Walker

Worry beads  2015

human hair, repurposed silver spoon