2018 Lorne Sculpture Biennale

Lorne Reserve


 Avis Gardner and I enjoyed working together again on this project for the Lorne Sculpture Biennale education workshop series. Community members of all ages participated in this creative environmental workshop  to make their very own Weedy Sea Dragon out of natural materials and recycled fabrics while learning about the importance of marine life and what each of us can do to look after it. 

Avis and Liz 

Avis and I  convinsingly dressed as Weedy Sea Dragons in front of the kelp forest.We had everyone fooled!


One participant dancing with her Sea Dragon amongst the kelp forest.


Even the smallest hands enjoyed the worshop.

2018 City of Whittlesea

Whittlesea Community Activity Centre


spent a wonderful afternoon with  Lee Mc Gill and members of the Whittlesea CWA helping them create chandeliers out of natural and recycled materials for display at the Whittlesea Community Festival.  These creative women didn't need any encouragement  at all to make really distinctive and decorative chandeliers to hang from the trees for the day

   Just some of the materials used to make the chandeliers




Some of the participants with their finished work.

2017 City of Whittlesea

Whittlesea Community Garden


Avis Gardner and I had a very busy day with the local community making sustainable Backpackers for Bugs using a range of recycled household objects and natural materials to take home to their own gardens. Participants also contributed to creating a communal clay backpackers for bugs for the community garden.Everyone had a fantastic day making their backpackers while also learning about the importance of active insect life in the garden.

IMG_1645Megan hard at work.


Participants of all ages anjoyed making their Backpackers for bugs.


We used lots of beautiful natural materials.


Everyone was very happy withe their finished pieces.

2017 Qdos Arts



A three day workshop  in Graeme Wilkie's fantastic studio space  at Qdos using recycled metals and found objects to create botanically inspired sculpture. Participants explored methods of transforming metal objects and fragments into freestanding botanically inspired sculptural pieces. Everyone learnt how to cut, rivet and alter the metal to make a finished work of their own design and then explored  different methods of creating a patina, an aged surface and plenty of other useful skills.


There was no stopping Liz G!

IMG_1407 (1)

We were able to work outside when the weather was clear. It was a lovely few days in beautiful surroundings.


Discussing a few finishing touches with Gav.

IMG_1363 (1)


It takes many tools to make sculpture!


Kerry's finished sculpture made using vintage silver and a recyclled handturned wooden bowl.

2017 Whittlesea Community Garden

City of Whittlesea


 Working once again with Hoss Ayres and the pupils from Whittlesea Secondary Collage and other community members , we helped transform an unplanted patch of ground into a permanent Forever forest which can be reworked and reimagined many times over to create a beautiful and sustainable addition to the community garden for many years to come.

Hoss constrcted sturdy metal trees and flower frames which were brought to the site and decorated using colourful recycled materials and natural fragments found at the garden. At the end of the workshops the trees and flowers were planted to create the Forever forest .


Detail of the beautiful Forever forest.


Everyone had different ideas about how to decorate their tree but the results were all very exciting and full of colour and texture.

2017 Whittlesea Community Garden

City of Whittlesea


This workshop provided the participants with a fun and sustainable creative gardening experience.

Unwanted hardcovered books were transformed into miniature gardens and planted out with succulent cuttings. It took a whole lot of concentration to cut out sections of the pages before gluing them together in order to create the garden but everyone got stuck into it and were really happy with the results.

IMG_0973 enjoying the day



lots of laughter and lots of stories





2016 Olympic Village Green, Heidleburg West

Pinpoint art in public places, Banyule City Council


This project was undertaken for one day only at the Olympic Village Green.

Alomst everyone, everywhere share the ritual of drinking tea. People tell stories over tea, people comfort each other over tea and people reflect, relax and recharge over a simple cup of tea.

Recognising that India, Somalia, the U.K., China and Italy aare the main overseas countries of birth for many residenct living at postcode 3018, Avis Gardner and I hoped to foster community connections through a cup of tea.

Five small teepees representing each of the countries outlined above were erected in a semi-circle around a table and chairs. The table was covered with a beautiful cloth and laid with tea making implements and tea drinking vessels from the 5 countries which acted as provocations to encourage shared stories and memories relating to tea experiences.

We invited people at the Olympic Village Green to sit and enjoy a cup of tea of their choice while having a chat with us and others. 

It was a wonderfu day and adults ,children and pets all enjoyed taking part.




Olympic_Village_Teapees_2 OLYMPIC_VILLAGE_TEAPEES_1 Kids loved the teapees!Olympic_Village_Teapees_6jpg 

It was such a beautiful day with the sun shining and just enough of a breeze to keep the flags flying.

2015 Whittlesea Community Garden

City of Whittlesea


Avis Gardner and I worked with the local community to help them create Insect Hotels to encourage insects to populate their own gardens.We used recycled timber, sticks, vines, dried flowers and lots of other recycled materials gathered from around the community garden.

Everyone also contributed to building a large hotel out of timber pallets for the community garden. 

IMG_1745 IMG_1746 

Hard at work making their Insect Hotel