Exhibitions / The call of the wild

23.03.2024 to 14.04.2024

The call of the wild

&gallery, Sorrento

Using deconstructed objects, garden tools, vintage brass and roofing iron collected from the Mornington Peninsula as a starting point this exhibition of sculpture and assemblage explores our relationship with the natural world.

Since moving to Red Hill from inner city Melbourne 7 years ago I have spent hours exploring the local bushland and beaches nearby observing the seasonal changes and looking fortraces of the natural world. So much of my work responds to the environmental threats posed by climate change, plastic pollution and the social implications of living in our contemporary world.

But the works in The call of the wild are an expression of my deep love and appreciation for the wonders of the natural world and my ongoing commitment to giving obsolete objects and materials a new life in an attempt to reduce waste and out impact on the planet.

Salt of the earth 2023 by Liz Walker

Salt of the earth  2023

vintage brass, copper, pressed tin, roofing iron, chain

H 28 x W 126 x D 4 cm

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THe call of the wild 2024 by Liz Walker

THe call of the wild  2024

repurposed barrel hoops, wooden base

H 32 x W 40 x D 44 cm

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Nautilus #1 2024 by Liz Walker

Nautilus #1  2024

repurposed barrel hoops, wooden base

H 22 X W 30 X D 12 cm

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Nautilus #2 2024 by Liz Walker

Nautilus #2  2024

repurposed barrel hoops, recycled wooden base

H 22 x W 32 x D 17 cm

Spirits of the sky-SOLD 2024 by Liz Walker

Spirits of the sky-SOLD  2024

Vintage brass, steel, fishing line, river stone, wire, wood

H 86 x W 56 x D 15 cm

Creek bed 2024 by Liz Walker

Creek bed  2024

Repurposed barrel hoops, vintage brass, native timber, recyc;ed wooden base

H 35 x W 113 x D 38 cm

Sea 2024 by Liz Walker

Sea  2024

Recycled barrel hoop,steel, vintage brass, fishing line

H 60 x W 60 x D 6 cm

Sky-SOLD 2024 by Liz Walker

Sky-SOLD  2024

recycled barrel hoops, steel, reclaimed roofing iron, fishing line

H 63 x W 63 x D 6 cm

Tree tops 2024 by Liz Walker

Tree tops  2024

Vintage spades, steel, wood

H 120 x W 63 x D 18cm

Wild botanicus 2024 by Liz Walker

Wild botanicus  2024

Recycled copper, barrel hoops, vintage brass, wood

H 146 x W 60 x D 20 cm ( 2 parts)