Exhibitions / Salt lake

03.03.2018 to 25.03.2018

Windowspace Beeac ARI

founded by Anna Sandes

In conjunction with the Colac Otway Arts Trail

Salinity has devastated natural reserves, agricultural land and farming communities throughout rural Australia for decades but surprisingly, the hyper saline waters of Lake Beeac and surrounding lakes have contributed to industry and prosperity for the local land holders and township.

In the late 19th century a salt factory built on the lakes edge provided employment and opportuinty for the district. Years ago, salt was even bagged up by local farmers who fed it to their cattle when times were tough and there was nothing else to eat.

Today Brine Shripms living in the lake provide food for a variety of water birds including the Banded Stilt, Red Necked Avocet, Hoary-headed Grebe abd the Whiskered Tern, among others. Some birds even travel from the Northern Hemisphere to feed on these brine shrimp.

And now today environmental  tourism is an important income generating industry for the area.

Salt lake is an imagined conversation beteen the past and the  present; exploring notions of life and death, regeneration and hope.




installation detail                  IMG_2228