Exhibitions / Hell's Bells

30.05.2019 to 26.06.2019

Sugar is fast becoming recognises as one of the most destructive additions to our food-stuffs and diet in general .

Like meny others i've noticed that the bodies around me are getting larger- much larger with children being  just as likely as adults to cary that extra weight.We only have to read about the obesity epidemic gripping Australia and much of the developed world to realie we have a massive problem out there and much of it stems from the addition of sugar in processed foods and the over consumption of sugary drinks.

This is a major concern on many levels and it inspired me to create Hell's Bells.

While researching this project i came across the Rethink Sugary Drink campaigne which is an alliance of health and community organisations who would ike to see the Federal Government introduce a health levy on sugary drinks because they are so concerned about the impact of overconsumption on community wellbeing. I was astounded at the sheer qualtity of sugatr in popular soft drinks and the repercussions of this on the health of consumers. According to the World Health Organisation there are now more obese people than malnourished people in the world.

Each work in this exhibition illustrates the number of teaspoons of sugar found in some of the most popular softdrinks marketed today.

Glass Cube Gallery, Frankston Arts Centre

installing Hell's Bells



installation detail

IMG_0512 (1)

installation image