Exhibitions / Fusion

26.09.2012 to 13.10.2012


Yarra Sculpture Gallery


Kerry Strauss and Liz Walker playfully explore the complex relationship between glass, metal and heat by transforming discarded building materials and found objects into sculptural works which ultimately defy their materiality.

After months of experimenting with various types of glass, a range of temperatures and firing conditions in addition to metals found in countless states of decay,both artists were excited by the extensions to their individual art practices through this collaboration.

Back fence_8

Back fence- kiln fired glass



Humpy-kiln fired recycled roofing iron

Top paddock_300

Top paddock- kiln fired recycled roofing iron

Riverina _closeup_4jpg detail Riverina- kiln fired glass


Grater-scape, kiln fired recycled graters, glass