Exhibitions / A case for change

10.07.2009 to 27.09.2009

A Case for change

Sub 12

The Substation , Newport

A case for change is an exhibition of sustainable sculptural works made almost entirely from found and recycled materials which explore the theme of homelessness.

The alternative dwellings, one ; an oversized case moth with a TO LET sign displayed out the front and the other, a portable sleeping compartment constructed out of 3 suitcases and a skateboard, use humour as a means of drawing attention to the current chronic housing crisis in Melbourne.

A case for change

This is then offset by the inclusion of a lifesized, desolate human figure, shrouded in a patchwork of woolen garments, turning his back on a society which has met him down. 

He could be one of the 22, 000 teenagers across Asutralia who are wothout a home or perhaps

one of approximately 3490 homeless people in the Melbourne CBD alone.


hope of the hopeless 1 

hope of the hopeless 3 stats